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  • Our ski ranges

    For your comfort on the slopes, we have four ski ranges of ski equipment, allowing us to effectively meet the specific needs of a beginner skier or the technical needs of an expert skier. You will also find a wide range of snowboards to choose from!



    Blue ski


     This range of skis is intended for people on easy to medium terrains (slopes identified as green and blue). These easy-to-manage skis give the wearer confidence and are perfect for beginner skiers and people who want to ski calmly and gradually.

    Red ski


    The Red range is suitable for skiers at the intermediate level (easy blue, red and black slopes). In this range, which accounts for the majority of our hires, we offer flexible and versatile skis. This range of skis adapts to the slope. This equipment will allow you to evolve on all types of terrain and snow. 

    Black ski


    For skiers looking for different sensations, on difficult terrains, the black range is for you. This equipment is more aggressive due to its greater rigidity and requires a high level of skill in skiing (black slopes should be easily mastered). With this type of ski, you will be able to experience new thrills on the slopes, such as learning carving.

    Prestige ski


    Are you an experienced skier looking for a specific type of equipment? The Prestige range is ideal. Thanks to equipment that is at the cutting edge of the latest technical innovations, discover refined curve lines and absolute commitment. In this range, you will find only skis from the current season.

    Baby ski


    Skis or snowboards for the little ones too... The equipment is suitable for younger children with skis and boards designed specifically for this demanding target of beginners: flexible, light, serrated as well as easy-to-use fastenings. Everything you need to learn about the joys of skiing and snowboarding safely and gently.

    Kid ski

    [HEIGHT FROM 100 TO 140CM]

    Do you want to teach your little ones to ski or snowboard? Our "kids" range is more suitable for children aged 6 to 9 (depending on the height indicated). Your children's level evolves quickly at this age: our equipment makes it easy to adapt to various and varied terrains.

    Ski Junior


    This range of skis/snowboards corresponds overall to children aged 9 to 15 (depending on the height indicated). The level is often heterogeneous among juniors, our models adapt to everyone's practice with a wide range of equipment to choose from. Why not reserve your equipment online and get up to 30% off?

    Junior Perf. Ski


    This range of skis/snowboards corresponds overall to children aged 9 to 15 (depending on the height indicated). A range specially dedicated to more rigid competitive skiing and reserved for skiers who have at least earned their third star. Why not reserve your equipment online and get up to 30% off?



    For snowboarders, we offer a wide choice of equipment that will satisfy your wishes. Our range includes options for beginner, intermediate and expert boarders alike. Ask our staff for advice to find a board and fasteners adapted to your morphology and your level.

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