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    Renting a ski locker really makes the difference for families and groups who want to spend their ski vacation without the hassle. Our ski lockers are available for rental by the night or the week. Lockers are locked securely and placed near a changing room.



    Locker rental
    for skis

    Perrières Ski Shop now offers you a specific space for SKI STORAGE RENTAL! No more walking for miles with your ski boots on and the whole family’s skis on your shoulders…

    Place your equipment in our lockers intended for families (3/5 people): rental per night or per week! If you would like more information on ski locker rental, do not hesitate to contact us!

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    locker rental

    Perrières Ski Shop offers locker rental for the day or the week (6 days): the seventh day of rental IS FREE!

    • 3-person locker: day (€7.5) / 6-day week (€45)
    • Locker 5 people: day (10€) / week 6 days (60€)
    • Seventh day of rental free!
    Rent your locker

    Safety confort
    and heat

    Our numerous lockers for 3//5 people are secured under video surveillance, with a badge lock.

    You will have the opportunity to sterilize and then dry your shoes for the next day. A changing room is also available for your convenience.